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D.E.E.P - Depletion Environment Education Program

If successfully implemented, the hope is that it will be adopted by the UNEP as a 'prioritized' part of their Environmental Programme.

The D.E.E.P programme is divided into two parts:

a). The 'lobbying' side of the shark/coral conservation (to include information on the cascade' effects).

b). The 'active' side of the programme entailing help with the organisation and financing of media-supported scientific expeditions to areas of the world most affected by the cascade problem.

The scientific analysis and research will be used to reinforce the case to the UNEP to prioritize shark conservation in the light of the 'cascade' effect on the deterioration of coral reef health and species dependent on the coral reef eco-system.

The reinforcement will take the shape of robust scientific returns to the UNEP CITES (Commission on International Trade in Endangered species) and the UN FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation).

The media support will largely consist of TV documentary production teams who will play a huge part in raising and disseminating the awareness of the need for shark conservation and the cascade link with coral health. This should provide for changes in world-wide attitudes to the problems as a result of the documentary TV programmes.