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The Shark and Coral Conservation Trust
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What You Can Do To Help

AS you may have gathered from the efforts mentioned in 'Latest News' and 'D.E.E.P' menu items, considerable effort has been expended in trying to gain some political, scientific and diplomatic power behind the Shark and Coral Conservation DEEP project. However, you can help to progress the project by:

a). Lobbying your local MP on the matter (maybe the easiest way is to refer him/her to this website).
You can email your local MP by finding him/her on the UK Parliament web site - click here.

b). Carrying a poster in your car windows reading :-
"If you like eating seafood, support the DEEP programme".
You can print or download a simple poster by clicking here.

c). Spread the word, both at work and your social events, inviting all to carry the poster in their car windows.

d). Make a donation to the Shark and Coral Conservation Trust using your credit card (the donation will be transferred directly to our account using the Paypal system 1).

e). We would welcome suggestions that we consider would further the Shark and Coral Conservation aim.

1 The intention is to provide annual open balance sheets accessible to all detailing all income and expenditure items for the fiscal year. This balance sheet will be displayed in our 'Latest News' menu item.